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When the river rises o'er her banks
Better make your home in a higher place
For if you stay down by the sand
You'll be washed away to another land
And when the mountains swim in the sea
Look around, you won't find me
In the end, what's done is done
If you hear it comin', you won't have to run
You've got to change your ways or die

If you listen now, I'll tell you why
The buffalo was here to stay
'Till a fool with a gun came and took him away
If you go too far, you can come back
When the river changes, so does the map
You've got to change your ways or die...



That's a little wisdom from The Cactus Blossoms.  Give it a listen why don't you?!


This is a vintage unmarked "Open Road" style hat from the 50's.  Its inner sweat-band was deteriorated so we hand stitched a new leather one in its place.

Change Your Ways or Die

  • This hat measures 23 1/2 inches whicjh is a 7 1/2 hat size.

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