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We listen to a ton of music here at Jolly Knot headquarters.  Recently we heard the song "Aguas de Março (Waters if March)" by Antonio Carlos Jobim but instead of its original Portugese, it was in english.  Nothing gave us a more vivid image of a stroll through the country, (and our lives) noticing everything around you, the good and the bad, almost in a hyper-reality of vivid imagery. 


So, yeah, that was our inspiration for this hat.  This is a 1940's vintage Knox Twenty hat whose inner sweat band  had deteriorated.  We hand stitched a brand new leather one in its place and applied the original tags to keep it as intact as possible.  The hat has age and signs of wear that only gives it the perfect patina and character.  A one of a kind for sure.   Listen to the song for yourself!  Its amazing!

The Waters of March